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Reusable Nail soak off caps

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These reusable soak off caps are perfect for removing your nail polish wraps at home. Simply soak a cotton ball in your preferred nail polish remover and insert it into the cap, gently slide your finger into it, wait 3-5 mins, remove the caps and voila!

Wash your hands, throw away the cotton ball, rinse the caps and repeat in your other hand! (Pads, cottons or remover not included)



Our Nail Wraps are:

✔ Non toxic (Made of Polish/Gel ingredients)

✔ Easy Application and Removal, No heat needed & No drying time!

✔ Last up to 2 weeks or more when applying top coat.

<<Each set includes Nail Strips in diff. sizes to perfectly fit your manicure and/or pedicure!>>

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