Let us answer your questions!

Q: What are the ingredients of your Nail wraps? Are they really Real Nail Polish?

Yes! They are made pretty much of the same ingredients as the regular nail polish (liquid one) plus other safe chemicals to preserve the wrap mode, you can find our product information HERE

Q: Where are they made?

Depends on the model we work with different manufacturers across the globe (US, Asia and Latin America), if you want to know more details about a specific model please send an email to info@nailfordable.com

Q: How do I know what is the right size I am choosing?

The product picture usually shows you the size on the top left corner of the image but you can also find the size of your selected model under the product description in your cart page (16 Strips = Standard size, 14 Strips = Wide size, 18 Strips kids/petite size and 20 strips = Plus Size) and you can see the measurements of each here

Q: How long would my order take to ship after placing my order?

It usually gets shipped the same day or not later than next business day. Orders placed over the weekend (Saturday or Sunday) are mailed until Monday. For more information please check our  shipping, refund and returns policy here

Q: How long will my order take to be delivered?

Our estimated time for delivery is usually from 6-12 business days for standard shipping and 2-4 days for Priority mail, however USPS is experiencing serious delays due to Covid, short staff and other situations out of our control and it has been taking up to 15 business days (excluding weekends and holidays) to complete their deliveries, we appreciate your patience and comprehension in advance.  For more information please check our  shipping, refund and returns policy here

Q: I made my purchase with free shipping, Can I get a tracking number?

No, unfortunately in order to bring you the most affordable price, we send our deliveries via USPS First priority with no tracking, only paid shipping (priority or first class with tracking for $2.99) at check out includes tracking. 

Q: It's been now 15 business days and still do not receive my order, I paid with Free shipping service, what shall I do?

Please send us an email at info@nailfordable.com with your order details, we will contact USPS to validate if it was not undelivered and return and let you know the next steps to take.  For more information please check our  shipping, refund and returns policy here

Q. I had postage due on my "free shipping" order when it arrived, what should I do?

Unfortunately even when we are we are using an integrated USPS scale to our software to weight our deliveries and ensure USPS compliance, there has been a handful of exceptions where USPS offices are still claiming additional postage to our customers without notifying us back of this issue, if this is your situation, please send an email to info@naifordable.com with a picture of the receipt showing the postage due and we will send a reimbursement back to you original payment method for that amount so you can pick up your order. We continue to work with USPS to address every case in one on one basis.

Q: What happens if my product is damaged?

Please contact us at info@nailfordable.com and send us a picture, we will replace it immediately for you

Q: My order is missing one piece, Can you please send me the missing one?

 Of course! Please contact us at info@nailfordable.com and tell us what is your nail wrap missing and we will send it your way asap!

Q: You sent me the wrong set, shall I return this one and would you send me the correct one?

Please send us an email at info@nailfordable.com indicating the wrong set received and we will send the correct one asap.

Q: I am having issues to apply my Nail wraps, they didn't stick or came off right away, what shall I do?

Please send us an email at info@nailfordable.com indicating the sets you had issues with we will work with you to have the issue resolved an product inspected and get them refund if necessary, most of the time they are related to application issues, for succesful application results please make sure to follow our application instructions and recommendations here

HAVE A QUESTION? Send us an email at info@nailfordable.com,  please allow 1 business day for a response.